Elysium (2013)

Elysium is an American film starred by Matt Damon. It is an action thriller based on scientific fiction directed by Neil Blomkamp. He also coproduced and wrote the script. Jodie Foster too played a starring role in the film. Officially it was launched on 8/9/2013 in IMAX digital and conservative theatres. The setting is on a destroyed earth surface and a lavish space habitation known as Elysium. It main themes are sociological and political and include status issues, healthcare and migration.

The setting of Elysium is in 2154 and the producers and directors assert that it is an observation on the modern human circumstance.  Elysium is a sequel from the director of the film district 9. If you didn’t know, two sets of people or status subsist, the very poor, who reside on a destroyed and densely populated part of the earth surface and the extremely rich who inhabit on a lavish space station referred to as Elysium.

Whereas the inhabitants of earth are marinated in the world of androids, the population of Elysium lives comfortably and safely in an environment full of servant robots and use med-bays as medical gadgets that prevent them from illnesses. After reading about the movie, I went down to the theaters to check out the movie and i must say, the outcome was confusing, but overall the film was enjoyable.

The major aspects I dislike about the film were the plot, though I can’t suggest that it was worse. There is nothing stunning about it. It seemed very direct, no interweaving of the plot and lack of inner meaning. My expectation before entering that theater was to find something unique but I was utterly disappointed. Another aspect that was not bad after all was the dialogue or the acting part. As you would expect on Matt Damon as the lead actor, he did it, but the dialogue from the other actors was just not up to the standard. They were quite boring and to add insult to the injury, some of the acting scenes were jerky.

Okay, let’s get down to more grave tribulations. The beginning hour just draws you to the surface. It literally gets you to the mood of wanting to know more and reminiscent what earth is today, a lot of poverty. It brings out the reality of the normal earth surface but, in numerous occasions, draws your mindset to the destroyed earth surface. The flashbacks in the film are another notable undoing. I don’t think they are needed in this film. They take you away from the characters and that’s what you want to be near to. The worst aspects of acting are revealed at these parts.

But the movie is not short of the good scenarios. The attracting thing about the film is the CGI; magnificent and fascinating are the words to describe it. It totally draws you to the film. The fight choreography scenes are not top notch but still entertaining.

To summarize, Elysium was not above board. I was anticipating a movie with a lot of suspense and very captivating. The result was a film with the modern technology but nothing to showcase. But the good thing is the second section of the film redeems itself and I didn’t feel like my money went to waste.

Behind the Candelabra (2013)

It is one of the modern films of 2013 from the Unite States of America and the director is Stephen Solderbergh. The theme of the movie is about a ten year life journey of a master pianist called Liberace and his clandestine relationship with Scott Thorson. May 21 2013 saw the premiering of the movie on the Cannes movie festival. Five days later, behind the candelabra featured in the station HBO and it hit the theaters in the UK on June 7 of that same year. The movie got recognition from critics and lovers alike because of Matt Damon and Douglas outstanding performances.

The plot is good. At that time, in 1977, Scott Thorson, 17 years of age is an animal trainer. He gets an opportunity to meet up with Bob Black, a known producer in a bar. Bob Black motivates him to leave his native home to look out for greener pastures elsewhere. Then later on, Black Bob acquaints Thorson with Liberace and the two develop feelings for each other and they eventually end up in Liberace’s lavish home.

While residing at Liberace’s home Thorson discovers the dog has a partial sight malfunction and with his veterinary background initiates treatment. When the dog overcomes the condition, Thorson and the famous pianist, Liberace decides to be lovers and they move in together. At this juncture, Scots opens up to Liberace and informs of his bisexual nature and that he has tried to love women in vain. Liberace shares the same aspect of trying to love women but he couldn’t.

It is now evident that Liberace wants Thorson to look exactly like him and he orders Dr. Startz, his plastic surgeon, to alter Scotts face to bear resemblance to his and is unsuccessful in an attempt to officially adopt Scott. Scenes become nasty when Liberace begins to pay homage to pornographic theatres and recommend that they meet but this angers Scott. In the meantime, Scott’s obsession with drugs and Liberace’s unbecoming behavior tears the relationship apart. Scott solicits the services of an attorney to try to obtain part of the property rights and Liberace officially puts an end to the relationship and goes back to his assistant.

It is not a long time before Scott receives a phone call from Liberace notifying him of his grave condition. He suffers from AIDS and requests Scott to pay him a visit. Scotts bites the bullets and travels to Liberace’s place and they have the final agonizing conversation before Liberace dies in the year 1987 in the month of February. Scott attends his burial and reminisces how he used to play his guitar in style and that how the movie ends.

The movie was aired in US TVS in May 26 2013 and statistics show that it claimed a staggering 2.5 million views in the United States only. Later, an estimated 1.1 people repeated watching after the initial airing. The movie attained the highest rating in its debut on HBO. So it’s a pretty good movie to look out for.